Albania, the country of great opportunities

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Four years ago, when he came to Albania to manage shoe production company, Filanto, he was disappointed on what he found out. But today Mr. Giovanni Pietro Pellegrino, already the vice president of Italian investors association, is positive in the evaluation of the changes that our country undertook in these 4 years. Foreign investors perceive a positively continuously changing environment, from infrastructure to administrative regulations and tax organs communication culture. He thinks that Albania offers great opportunities for investments, especially after the empowerment of Mutual Agreement. Mr. Pellegrino thinks that related to the great geographic position, Albania is real entrance for the Balkan markets. The change is obviousMr. Pellegrino says that compared to 4 years ago, when he came to Albania, the process of changes has sharply increased and it is obvious. “The first months in Albania, – claims Mr. Pellegrino, – even simple traffic policemen stopped everyone who did not fasten the security belt. Taking out a banknote was enough and they would immediately let you go. Today such events are rare.”Mr. Pellegrino thinks that during these four years of stay in Albania, a constant and continuous development process is observed. “The entire business environment is improved. There has been an obvious progress in administrative services, especially tax and customs ones. This is noticed both in basic indicators such as culture in communication and correctness in duty performance and the reduction in corruption”.He believes that Albania has entered the way of integration and this process is a contemporary demand that lies over the political changes and it is inevitable. He underlines that the desire for change comes from the whole Albanian society and can not be conditioned by political rotations. “I have noticed that here exist great political passions, – he claims. However, it must be understand that Albania has entered an irreversible path, which can not be conditioned by the verdicts of the elections. For example, regardless of winning the elections by Mr. Rama or Mr. Olldashi, the development of Tirana is destined to progress because this is a demand of the community, a demand of business, demand of intellectual and the youth, a desire for a beter future for all and this future has started to be built.” Nevertheless, Mr. Pellegrino claims that in Italy a negative opinion for Albania still exists. In his opinion, no Italian would come to invest in Albania if s/he considered the image that exists about Albania. However, he thinks that even an improvement in the image is a long process that will reflect in a irrevocable way in positive changes in Albania. The opportunity of the Mutual Agreement In his opinion, in today conditions Albania offers splendid opportunities for investments. After the empowerment of the Mutual Agreement, Mr. Pelegrino believes that a new era of new opportunities for the undertakings that have a trade activity between Albania and EU. The elimination of the customs duty tariffs for the raw material creates a considerable ease for the businesses, starting from the domestic production of foreign companies. According to Mr. Pelegrino, Albania has an indisputable priority compared to the other countries of region in its own geographic position, especially in relation with Italy. “Albania is a kind of extension of Pulia, – he says. Establishing a business in Albania, the possibility to distribute the products not only in Albania but in all the Southeast Balkan countries exists.” He thinks that the geographic position of Albania is an advantage that must be exploited not only for investments, but also for the development of tourism. With the improvement of infrastructure, the tourism can be a very attractive sector for serious investments. Mr. Pellegrino claims that Albania has a great potential for the development of tourism, but the problem is that Albanian seaside lacks contemporary tourist works. This is a factor that blocks the attractiveness of foreign tourists. Business with growth of constructionThere are about 500 Italian investors that have activity in Albania. Italian investments in Albania are concentrated on the industry of shoes and clothes. It is a fact that from 500 registered Italian businesses that operate in Albania, the majority consist of manufacturing in Albania due to lower operating costs. According to Mr. Pellegrino, this come about because in Albania the cheap labor is exploited, but over all because this industry is a dominant tradition in Italy. “Italy, – he says – is a country where raw materials are scarce. This is the reason that the production industries are not much developed there, but only processing and manufacturing. Albania has a similar economic structure and this is why in Albania we invest in same undertakings.”Moreover, Mr. Pellegrino thinks that the activities related to the development of construction sector constitute a special interest in Albania. “Where there is an impetus construction, – he claims- there is also an impetus economic development. I have not seen any other city in Europe as Tirana with so many construction areas and this is a good opportunity for all businesses that are directly or indirectly related to construction. These businesses consist of furniture, household appliances etc.

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