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Rënia e call center

Për shumë vite, kompanitë që operojnë si qendra të thirrjeve telefonike, ishin burimi kryesor i punësimit të të rinjve…


Kalendari i Botimit të Statistikave Ekonomike

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1* Produkti i Brendshëm Bruto all day
2 3 4 5 6 7
8* Indeksi i Çmimeve të Konsumit all day
9* Anketa e Migracionit all day
10* Të dhënat faktike të detajuara në \"Accrual\" dhe \"Cash\" all day
* Tregues të shëndetit financiar all day
* Statistika të sistemeve të pagave all day
11* Rezultatet e Vrojtimit Vjetor të Qumështit dhe nën Produkteve të tij all day
12* Treguesit fiskal të konsoliduar të qeverisjes së përgjithshme (paraprak) all day
13 14
15* Bilanci sektorial dhe paraqitja monetare e Bankës Qendrore all day
16 17* Tregtia e Jashtme all day
18* Taksat Mjedisore all day
19* Indeksi i Harmonizuar i Çmimeve të Konsumit all day
20 21
22* Aksidentet Rrugore all day
23* Treguesit e Shëndetit Publik all day
* Lëvizjet e Shtetasve all day
24* Treguesit e Shëndetit Publik all day
25* Statistikat fiskale të qeverisë all day
26 27 28
29* Treguesit fiskal të konsoliduar të qeverisjes së përgjithshme (përfundimtar) all day
* Ekonomia dhe buxheti all day
* Statistikat e Transportit all day
30* Kredia për ekonominë all day
* Depozitat all day
* Huatë all day
* Normat e interesit all day
* Depozitat e përfshira në paranë e gjerë all day
* Të dhëna të korporatave depozituese all day
* Depozitat sipas rrethit all day
* Huatë sipas rrethit all day
* Agregatët monetarë all day
* Statistikat e Bujqësisë dhe Blegtorisë all day
31* Ekonomia në fokus all day
* Buletini i Borxhit Publik dhe Regjistri Borxhit Publik all day
* Buletini i Statistikave fiskale të qeverisë all day
* Statistika të rezervës ndërkombëtare all day
* Kursi i këmbimit në fund të periudhës all day

Ahmetaj warns/ Anti-informal action launched starting from October 1st

The minister of Finance and Economy Arben Ahmetaj announced the launch of the anti-informal action which will start on the ground on October 1st with the structures under the General…

OSHEE is going towards total recovery

Interview with Mr. Adrian Çela, Administrator of the Electric Power Distribution Operator (OSHEE) With the strategy and steps OSHEE has been undertaking for more than two years, it is towards…

2016 was a positive year, but 2017…

Interview with Agron Heto, Administrator of the Albanian Power Corporation (KESH) 2016 has been a positive year for the Albanian Power Corporation, thanks to good management and good hydro conditions,…

Bankers’ investments will depend on the Arbitration decision

Interview with the Vice President of Operations and Production of Bankers Petroleum, Mr. Guangqing Zhang The investments rate and production levels of Bankers Petroleum, the biggest exporter in the country,…

The largest groups in the country

Kastrati Kastrati Group is the largest fuel retailer in the country, has activity in the field of insurance and vehicle trading and is recently diversifying its activity and construction field.…

VIPs who sold and bought shares

Major Albanian-owned companies have been able to have a sustainable business over the years and owners' changes do not happen often, as a large part of businesses are family members.…

Business invoices boom

While processing industry companies, with significant employment impact, are facing difficulties and are emerging from the list of the biggest, do you know which are easily climbing to the biggest.…

Growing pharmaceutical companies

Imports of pharmaceuticals in 2016 amounted to 21 billion Lek (about 155 million euros), according to INSTAT data, with a 10% annual increase after shrinking by 8.4% in the previous…

The market of new vehicles widens

New vehicle dealers have seen a positive year over 2016, as this segment has expanded. According to data from Automotive Club Albania, the new layout by distributors was 2,545 vehicles,…

The business of private hospitals is growing, but still with huge losses

The business of private hospitals in Albania continued to grow in 2016, albeit at a slow pace. According to data from the respective balances, the 7 private hospitals and clinics…

Insurances, with a double-digit growth

The five largest insurance market operators have reported an increase of 7.4%, slowing down after the double-digit expansion of the previous year. The largest insurance company is Sigal Uniqa Group…

Banks decline in revenue

The banking system, at first glance, has marked a good year in 2016. Assets expanded at the highest rates in five years, deposits grew satisfactorily, lending signaled revival, while non-performing…

Luck has changed for gambling, 16% of growth

In total, the turnover of the five key operators in this sector, APEX - AL, ADRIATIK GAME, ASTRA ALBANIA SH.A., TOP START, LOTTO SPORT SH.A, was around 74 million euros,…

Call Center starts to decline

By the end of 2016, call center enterprises in Albania faced the anger of the Italian government concerning jobs, because this this industry was growing rapidly and surpassing Italy. The…

Regional competition defeats the processors

Albanian processing industry is turning out to be fragile to regional competition. Birra Tirana for the first time was left out of the list of “the biggest”, as its revenue…

Manufacturing and exporters

In an economy that almost does not produce anything, exporting enterprises - important for filling the trade deficit and the current account - are counted on fingers, while new entrances…

Construction, in (re) blooming cycle, double digit growth

Construction has been restored to the growing cycle, influenced by several factors. Firstly, there is an obvious interest in free capital investing in construction even from ventures that previously had…

TV services

Digitalb, a pay TV platform provider, is the largest television service provider in Albania. In 2016, the company's revenue was 5.7 billion Lek, almost at the same level as the…