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Ahmetaj: The debts writing off is part of the negotiations with the IMF, there is still no draft

Finance Minister Arben Ahmetaj did an analysis of the performance of the economy and finance in an attendance to reporters, for the 8 months of the year. Among other things,…

Kukes airport: A Midsummer Night’s Dream?!

Four months after the adoption of the agreement with the concessionaire of Rinas, there is still no news of what is happening with the Kukes airport. Albanian citizens continue to…

Insurance/ Prices of TPLs on the increase

Mandatory car insurance, TPLs will now be up to 25% more expensive. Insurance companies have started selling TPLs policies with a new price, averaging 18,500 ALL. This rise in prices,…

Oil Refinery/ An offshore company from Virgin Islands takes over the ARMO activity

Ionian Refining and Trading Co. - IRTC JSC (IRTC) is the company that has taken in use the problematic oil refinery, ARMO. The news was made public by the manufacturer…

Only the Bonus-Malus “cures” the market

Speaks Prof. Dr. Lindita Milo (Lati), president of the Competition Authority Nowadays, the insurance market suffers from a lack of competition, due to the non-implementation of the recommendations of the…

The law of the strongest

The solution of the so-called "problem of TPL", according to experts is relatively simple. Political will is required in the implementation of laws, free competition, compensation at the time and…

OST, Zeqo: Businesses should not fear market liberalization

Director of the System Operator Transmission Engjell Zeqo, said the stock market for the Albanian electricity will be established by the Minister of Industry and Energy within 31st of March,…

Being on the market that does not exist

From July 1, 82 businesses, 35 kilovolt network customers, should have closed the OSHEE supply contracts and purchase energy in the free market. However, two months have passed from the…

Non-performing loans increase again, reaching up to 21.15% in July

Overdue loans within the bank recorded strong growth in July, climbing to 21.15%, expanding by at least three percentage points compared to the end of the 2015. The Bank of…