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Kalendari i Botimit të Statistikave Ekonomike

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  1 2* Regjistri Statistikor i Ndërmarrjeve all day
3 4 5 6
7* Indeksi i Kushtimit në Ndërtim all day
8* Indeksi i Çmimeve të Konsumit all day
9* Indeksi i Çmimeve të Importit all day
* Indeksi i Çmimeve të Prodhimit all day
10* Anketa Tremujore e Forcave të Punës all day
* Statistikat e Pagave all day
* Statistika të sistemeve të pagesave all day
* Tregues të shëndetit financiar all day
* Borxhi i Jashtëm Bruto all day
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14 15* Ekonomia në fokus all day
* Treguesit analitik fiskal all day
* Bilanci sektorial dhe paraqitja monetare e Bankës Qendrore all day
16* Tregtia e Jashtme all day
17* Tregtia me Pakicë all day
18* Aksidentet Rrugore all day
* Statistikat Afatshkurtra all day
19 20
21* Indeksi i Harmonizuar i Çmimeve të Konsumit all day
22* Prodhimi i Brendshëm Bruto sipas Rajoneve Statistikore në Shqipëri all day
23* Lëvizjet e Shtetasve all day
24* Statistikat e Kulturës all day
25* Statistikat e Peshkimit all day
* Statistikat e Bujqësisë dhe Blegtorisë all day
* Ekonomia dhe Buxheti all day
* Stoku i investimeve direkte sipas shtetit dhe aktivitetit ekonomik all day
26 27
28* Stoku i investimeve direkte sipas shtetit dhe aktivitetit ekonomik all day
* Statistikat e Transportit all day
29* Llogaritë Vjetore sipas Sektorëve Institucionalë all day
* Produkti i Brendshëm Bruto all day
* Huatë all day
* Bilanci sektorial dhe paraqitja monetare e korporatave të tjera financiare all day
30* Shqipëria në Shifra all day
* Inovacion në ndërmarrje all day
* Burra dhe Gra all day
* Statistika të rezervës ndërkombëtare all day

Boom of apartments in Tirana

An observation in the wealthiest zones of the capital. How apartments are being sold at lightning speeds at the center of Tirana, in the lion’s share paid cash. Prices increase…

The new plan, how it will impact the housing market

Offers of luxury housing are expected to increase significantly with the enforcement into power of the Urban Planning Plan of Tirana. Some towers that rise up to 40 storeys are…

Ahmetaj: The common customs point before the meeting of the two governments

During the common meeting with his Kosovar homologue, Avdullah Hoti, the Minister of Finance, Arben Ahmetaj, said that the opening of the common customs office between the Kosovo and Durres…

The “Key” to open job doors

Elton Ilirjani, founder of The HeadHunter Group What has been the most demanded profession throughout 2016? There were numerous professions, in fact, for which there is substantial demand. Whether it…

The most saught-after and well paid professions

If your are financiers, IT specialists, programme developers, construction engineers, then this is your time. These are among the most saught-after professions in the current Albanian labour market, but also…

A different destination

Divjaka is one of the closest destinations to spend a weekend in calm nature and fresh air. This, for opportunities that the park offers, has a substantial geographic expansion. The…

Global risks’ report/ Fiscal risks dominate in Albania

Global Economic Forum has published a report of global risks for 2017. For Albania, the main risk is the fiscal risk, which is regarded as such by 72.3% of respondents.…

ERE sets new network usage tariffs

The Energy Regulatory Authority last December approved new tariffs for businesses accessing the distribution network. In addition to the price of electricity, businesses of the 35 kilovolt will pay an…

Jaka: If the energy issue is not resolved we will close the businesses and relocate in the region

The Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Nikolin Jaka, is watching with concern the situation. The Chamber of Commerce and the Manufacturers Association has organized the first meeting…

The silent price increase of electricity power

About 6300 businesses consumer of the 35 and 20 kilovolt power, starting next month, will have to buy electricity at an increased rate of 16-35% by OSHEE due to the…

The year of surprises

Demand oriented, especially tourism, business investment is expected to increase in 2017, paving the way for an improvement in economic activity. Positive performance is provided for exports, while business costs…

The government should stand by its commitments on reform

Speaks Jens Reinke, permanent representative of the IMF in Albania Permanent representative of the IMF in Albania, Jens Reinke, is optimistic that economic growth will accelerate in 2016. Nevertheless, he…

Future growth is determined by structural reforms

Speaks Tahseen Sayed, Resident Representative of the World Bank Office in Albania It will be the good implementation of the program of structural reforms that will determine the growth prospects…

EBRD: Albanian economy is growing with 3.5% in 2017

International institutions are optimistic about the performance of the economy in 2017; but they put strongly the emphasis on structural reforms, the most important distinguishing fiscal consolidation, improving the business…

Non-performing loans, reduced in November, down at 20.44%

Compared with end of 2015, stock in total of non-performing loan in the banking system increased by 100 million euro, i.e. in addition to Kursum’s loan, the system were added…