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Kalendari i Botimit të Statistikave Ekonomike

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2* Ekonomia në fokus all day
3* SDG all day
4* Indeksi i Kushtimit në Ndërtim (për Banesa) all day
5* Indeksi i Çmimeve të Prodhimit all day
6* Indeksi i Çmimeve të Importit all day
* Statistikat mbi të Ardhurat dhe Nivelin e Jetesës all day
7 8
9 10* Bilanci i pagave all day
* Borxhi i jashtëm bruto all day
* Tregues të shëndetit financiar all day
* Statistika të sistemeve të pagave all day
* Anketa Tremujore e Forcave të Punës all day
* Indeksi i Çmimeve të Konsumit all day
11* Pagat all day
12* Treguesit fiskal të konsoliduar të qeverisjes së përgjithshme (paraprak) all day
* Tregtia me Pakicë all day
13* Statistikat Afatshkurtra all day
14 15
16* Bilanci sektorial dhe paraqitja monetare e Bankës Qendrore all day
* Regjistrimet në Arsimin Parauniversitar all day
17* Tregtia e Jashtme all day
18* Indeksi i Harmonizuar i Çmimeve të Konsumit all day
19* Ndërmarrjet e Huaja në Shqipëri all day
20* Kalendari i Publikimeve të INSTAT all day
21 22
23* Aksidentet Rrugore all day
24* Statistikat fiaskale të qeverisë all day
* Fluksi i investimeve sipas shtetit dhe aktivitetit ekonomik all day
* Stoku i investimeve direkte sipas shtetit dhe aktivitetit ekonomik all day
* Statistika të pozicionit të investimeve ndërkombëtare all day
* Produkti i Brendshëm Bruto all day
25 26* Lëvizjet e Shtetasve all day
27* Huatë all day
* Normat e interesit all day
* Ekonomia dhe buxheti all day
* Treguesit fiskal të konsoliduar të qeverisjes së përgjithshme (përfundimtar) all day
* Depozitat all day
* Kredia për ekonominë all day
* Bilanci sektorial dhe paraqitja monetare e korporatave të tjera financiare all day
* Agregatët monetarë all day
* Të dhëna të korporatave depozituese all day
* Depozitat e përfshira në paranë e gjerë all day
* Statistikat e Transportit all day
28 29
30 31* Statistika të rezervës ndërkombëtare all day
* Kursi i këmbimit në fund të periudhës all day

Global textile challenges

The textile market, excluding shoe, marked a market value of about 670 billion euros last year, according to research conducted by the group of Oxford economists on the market. Asia…

Facilitations, Italian clothing giants choose Serbia

The Serbian government is interested in developing the closed cycle for well-known global brands. The Serbian Development Agency lists the following brands as beneficiaries of subsidies for manufacturing factories in…

The depreciation of the euro exacerbates the sector’s earnings

It seems that the most devoid of the common European currency devaluation are the exporters, mainly the operators in the sector, working in the textile and shoe sector. Over the…

Exports increased by 10% in 2017

Gjergj Liqejza, who owns the Madish textile company in Shkodra, said that the major European clothing companies have increased the interest to cooperate with Albania. Competitive prices and quality of…

The shoe, the example to be followed

Within the Fason sector, shoe factories have experienced faster growth both in exports and in revenue, because many have closed the cycle. In 2016, shoe manufacturers dominate the number of…

The delayed industry at the end of the cycle

Businessman Flamur Hoxha, with many years of experience in the Fason sector, says the industry is late, as a decade ago, he had to think about closing the cycle that…

Decline in labour force

Fason's factories employ massively women except for some difficult processes that men require, but they are counted with their fingers. High emigration and falling births after the 1990s has brought…

The end of the “slavery” business

Albania can no longer compete with the advantage of the cheap labor force. There is a need to move to another stage ... Textile and shoe factories are facing a…

The lost battle

The new Nation's Roadway tax has undermined the efforts of Albania and Kosovo so far to increase the level of economic cooperation. The future will be even more difficult by…

Chaotic Concession

The concession for maintenance of National Road passing through a dark process lacking in transparency even to this day, when the tax is levied has begun. After the failure of…

Mandatory private insurance is discussed, affects employees under 50 years of age

Pension Scheme The government has already officially admitted that it will intervene in the pension scheme, making some changes to the legal framework. Changes have also been announced in public…

“Everything to ‘forgive’ with 1 euro lands at the seaside ‘

Speaks Representative of the Association "Owned by Justice" Myrshit Vorpsi A recent government decision to set up a Coast Guard Property Task Force and another to suspend the process of…

Russian Roulette with Properties

Former owners fear that the government has "targeted" again through two decisions taken one by one. Creating a Task Force to identify the status of any seafront property and suspending…

They will initially choose strategic investors

The government suspends the inheritance of land to families A 2014 decision sanctioned how the agricultural land and former agricultural enterprises would return to their families. This decision laid down…

Financial Supervisory Authority on the Performance of the Capital Market

"New investment opportunities for businesses and citizens" The Financial Supervisory Authority assesses in an official position for "Monitor" that the capital market represents new investment opportunities for businesses and citizens.…

Balfin on Stock Exchange, we will issue shares, but we will keep the controlling package

Samir Mane, president of Balfin group, speaks Balfin Group is in the phase of outsourcing international consultants who will assist in the preliminary preparation for the Initial Public Offer, or…

BoA: Secondary market, lower capital cost

The Bank of Albania estimates that the capital market in the country is still in its initial phase. "The relevant authorities have created the necessary regulatory and regulatory information to…

The capital market in motion

The capital market has been "sleeping" in its embryonic stage for years, but some recent developments are expected to give another dynamics to its performance. The AMF estimates that today,…