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MONITOR EKONOMI 4. Qeveria shtrëngon rripat për buxhetin 2020. Në pikëpyetje, rritja ekonomike. Me pasaporta në duar për festat e nëntorit

Qeveria parashikon të mbledhë nga taksat që paguajnë bizneset dhe individët rreth 4 miliardë euro vitin e ardhshëm…


Kalendari i Botimit të Statistikave Ekonomike

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        1* Statistikat e Kulturës all day
2 3
4 5 6 7 8* Të dhëna të pasqyrave financiare të bankave all day
* Tregues të shëndetit financiar all day
* Indeksi i Çmimeve të Konsumit all day
9 10
11* Të dhënat faktike të detajuara në \"Accrual\" dhe \"Cash\" all day
* Statistika të sistemeve të pagave all day
* Rezultatet Paraprake të Anketës Strukturore të Ndërmarrjeve all day
12* Treguesit fiskal të konsoliduar të qeverisjes së përgjithshme (paraprak) all day
* Vjetari Statistikor all day
13 14* Treguesit Demografikë all day
15* Bilanci sektorial dhe paraqitja monetare e Bankës Qendrore all day
* Teknologjia e Informacionit dhe Komunikimit në Familje all day
16 17
18* Tregtia e Jashtme all day
19* Indeksi i Harmonizuar i Çmimeve të Konsumit all day
20 21* Aksidentet Rrugore all day
22* Bilanci i Energjisë Elektrike all day
* Vjetari Statistikor Rajonal all day
23 24
25* Llogaritë financiare të sektorit të korporatave jo financiare dhe ekonomive all day
* Llogaritë financiare të të gjithë sektorëve all day
* Statistikat fiaskale të qeverisë all day
* Llogaritë financiare të sektorit të qeverisë së përgjithshme all day
* Llogaritë financiare të sektorit jo rezident all day
* Statistika të sistemeve të pagave all day
* Llogaritë financiare të sektorit financiar all day
* Statistikat mbi të Ardhurat dhe Nivelin e Jetesës all day
26* Lëvizjet e Shtetasve all day
* Statistikat e Transportit all day
27* Depozitat all day
* Kredia për ekonominë all day
* Huatë all day
* Normat e interesit all day
* Ekonomia dhe buxheti all day
* Depozitat e përfshira në paranë e gjerë all day
* Të dhëna të korporatave depozituese all day
* Kursi i këmbimit në fund të periudhës all day
* Statistika të rezervës ndërkombëtare all day
* Bilanci sektorial i shoqërive të kursim-kreditit all day
* Agregatët monetarë all day
* Lejet e Ndërtimit all day
28 29 30* Treguesit fiskal të konsoliduar të qeverisjes së përgjithshme (përfundimtar) all day

The largest groups in the country

Kastrati Kastrati Group is the largest fuel retailer in the country, has activity in the field of insurance and vehicle trading and is recently diversifying its activity and construction field.…


Along with construction companies, this year, new entries from other sectors have not been missing in the rankings of 200 largest companies and other sectors. Albania Experience was created in…

Insurance, light increase

The five largest insurance market operators have reported revenue growth of 3.3% in 2017, from 7.4% in the previous year and far from double-digit growth in 2015. Positive was the…

Banks, under the pressure of low interest rates

Total assets of the banking system at the end of 2017 were ALL 1.44 trillion, an increase of 2.7% compared to the previous year, slowing the expansion rates, according to…

New car market, modest growth

Unlike 2016, when new vehicles increased by 40% compared to the same period last year, 2017 saw modest growth. In total, according to data from Automobile Club Albania, a total…

Difficult business of private hospitals

Although over five years have passed since the flourishing business of private hospitals, they all continue to report losses, when international experience refers to a three-year cycle, when such ventures…

Increasing energy (private)

2017 was a difficult year for electricity production in the country because of the drought beyond the usual, orienting the market towards import. According to INSTAT data, energy production fell…


The two largest concessionaires are Bankers Petroleum and Albchrome, with revenues of 24 and 9.8 billion ALL respectively. Tirana International Airport (TIA), which manages the Rinas Airport concession, has declared…

The fall of the flour industry

The flour processing industry is continuing to suffer the consequences of regional competition. Bloja, which was the largest enterprise of its kind in the country two years ago, has come…

The “big guys” in the footwear industry

Fital, Albaco Shoes and Donianna are the top three shoe manufacturers in the country. Fital has expanded significantly by 27% to ALL 2.3 billion. The list goes on Albaco Shoes,…

Processing industry, between decline and recovery prospects

In the ranking of 10 largest private enterprises in 2005 (excluding banks), four belonged to the processing industry sector (Seament, former Darfo - today Albchrome, AM Group-Deka and Coca-Cola). Today,…

Fate is always with gambling

In 2017 there was neither the World Championship nor the European Championships, but this did not prevent the betting and gambling industry from continuing to grow rapidly, as the number…

Downward call center, Forex and Italian government pressure

2017 was the first year of testing of the call center sector, which at the end of 2016 faced the Italian government's anger, about the jobs that this rapidly expanding…

Construction flourishing

If there is a rapidly moving sector and high growth is the construction sector, both in engineering and residential. The annual turnover of 26 companies directly involved in construction increased…

Television services, under pressure

The television market is in the pressure of technological change, the Internet and shifting customer preferences to alternative services. Even without these changes, the television market in Albania had the…

Retail trade

APPLIANCES Neptun remains the largest retailer of electronic and electronic products in the country. In 2017, Neptun's revenue increased by 11.3% to 7.5 billion ALL. Globe Shops, a new entry…

Distributors, growing from improved consumption

Distributors, focusing on the FMCG segment (consumer goods moving quickly from the shelves) that are quite sensitive to customer tendencies to spend, have generally had a positive year. Final consumption…

Telecommunications in decline…

The telecommunications market is rapidly evolving, in line with the rapid development of technology and the Internet. It is orienting towards data, broadband, new technologies and services through mobile and…