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MONITOR EKONOMI 4. Qeveria shtrëngon rripat për buxhetin 2020. Në pikëpyetje, rritja ekonomike. Me pasaporta në duar për festat e nëntorit

Qeveria parashikon të mbledhë nga taksat që paguajnë bizneset dhe individët rreth 4 miliardë euro vitin e ardhshëm…


Kalendari i Botimit të Statistikave Ekonomike

« November 2019 »
Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
        1* Statistikat e Kulturës all day
2 3
4 5 6 7 8* Të dhëna të pasqyrave financiare të bankave all day
* Tregues të shëndetit financiar all day
* Indeksi i Çmimeve të Konsumit all day
9 10
11* Të dhënat faktike të detajuara në \"Accrual\" dhe \"Cash\" all day
* Statistika të sistemeve të pagave all day
* Rezultatet Paraprake të Anketës Strukturore të Ndërmarrjeve all day
12* Treguesit fiskal të konsoliduar të qeverisjes së përgjithshme (paraprak) all day
* Vjetari Statistikor all day
13 14* Treguesit Demografikë all day
15* Bilanci sektorial dhe paraqitja monetare e Bankës Qendrore all day
* Teknologjia e Informacionit dhe Komunikimit në Familje all day
16 17
18* Tregtia e Jashtme all day
19* Indeksi i Harmonizuar i Çmimeve të Konsumit all day
20 21* Aksidentet Rrugore all day
22* Bilanci i Energjisë Elektrike all day
* Vjetari Statistikor Rajonal all day
23 24
25* Llogaritë financiare të sektorit të korporatave jo financiare dhe ekonomive all day
* Llogaritë financiare të të gjithë sektorëve all day
* Statistikat fiaskale të qeverisë all day
* Llogaritë financiare të sektorit të qeverisë së përgjithshme all day
* Llogaritë financiare të sektorit jo rezident all day
* Statistika të sistemeve të pagave all day
* Llogaritë financiare të sektorit financiar all day
* Statistikat mbi të Ardhurat dhe Nivelin e Jetesës all day
26* Lëvizjet e Shtetasve all day
* Statistikat e Transportit all day
27* Depozitat all day
* Kredia për ekonominë all day
* Huatë all day
* Normat e interesit all day
* Ekonomia dhe buxheti all day
* Depozitat e përfshira në paranë e gjerë all day
* Të dhëna të korporatave depozituese all day
* Kursi i këmbimit në fund të periudhës all day
* Statistika të rezervës ndërkombëtare all day
* Bilanci sektorial i shoqërive të kursim-kreditit all day
* Agregatët monetarë all day
* Lejet e Ndërtimit all day
28 29 30* Treguesit fiskal të konsoliduar të qeverisjes së përgjithshme (përfundimtar) all day

Albania, among the countries with the lowest advertising market in the region

The advertising market remains underdeveloped in the countries of the region, due to the level of economy and sophistication of businesses. Per capita, according to the Media Institute's estimates and…

Who are the biggest advertisers in the country

For years, telecommunications and banks have "fueled" the media market in the country through large marketing budgets, the lion's share goes to television. But in 2017, both of these segments…

“More for Less”, for those who want to survive in this market

An interview with Suela Shtylla, managing director of McCANN Tirana,   The advertising market is not expected to show signs of perpetuation in the future. Suela Shtylla, Managing Director of…

Albanian companies focus on marketing and human resources

An interview with Gerton Bejo, CEO of the VATRA agency For Geron Bejon, VATRA's advertising agency CEO with activities in Tirana, Pristina and Skopje, Albanian businesses in general should turn…

Advertising agencies’ income comes

Reducing advertiser budgets in 2017 has also "attracted" publicity agencies, which reported generally declining revenue. The annual turnover of 21 major publicity agencies in the country fell by 16% on…

Radio Recovery

Drivers and car passengers have remained the only "hopes" to listen to the radio, especially in the summer, when traveling more. Radio is one of the communication tools that is…

Space advertising, the market grows in 2016, but falls again

The four leading operators in outdoor advertising, Albartex, La Strada, Metro AD, reported a decline of 9% in revenue in 2017 to 491 million ALL. The market has had some…

Online media, after the blossom, will be screened

Andi Bushati, publisher of The addition of online media in the last few years created a new space of freedom and information but, in turn, accompanied by chaos. Andi…

The media are experiencing the second “shake” in the advertising market

Gjergj Kalaja, Director of the Digital Department at The advertising market in the country, after initially targeting online pricing, is already marking the second major change. Gjergj Kalaja, Director…

Advertisers “betray” online media, lured by influential people

Portfolio inflation does not stop. As their number continues to increase rapidly, most of them do not have their own content and duplicate so far, while reporting standards, in pursuit…

The slow death of the printed press

The print is going to slow death, as its content, unlike the world's media, is not adapting to rapid technological developments, competing online media, and even online within the newspaper.…

Television Operators, Top Channel the biggest, Klan the most profitable

The competition is fierce among the televisions to attract the viewers' attention every second. For several years, Klan and Vizion Plus, besides their products, are competing in prime time with…

Media mania

The slower advertising market is not stopping media "war", on the contrary. New information TVs are opening up, while competitions between existing ones have been tightened considerably, though very few…

The advertising market 2017-2018

In total, the country's advertising market in 2017 is estimated to have reached 37 million euros, down 6%, marking the worst performance of recent years. Television, newspaper, and outdoor advertising…

Roaming in the Balkans

Costs will become zero by 2021 The roaming tariffs between the six Western Balkan countries (WB6 - Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia) are expected to be reduced in July…

PPP projects are not related to the European liaison network

Europe intends to complete and modernize transport routes by 2030 through the Trans-European Networking Network (TEN-T) Program. The TEN-T program was set up in 2006 by the European Commission to…

PPPs, failure without warning

How much financial capacity are the selected companies for Public-Private Partnerships to make big investments. How is their solvency shown, are they liable to debt and are the banks willing…

All against PPPs

From international institutions, to economic experts, everyone expresses reservations about the government's order towards Public-Private Partnership projects. Their concerns, they expressed in the interviews given to "Monitor" for economic performance…