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Albpetrol/ The auction for 31 thousand tons of oil is canceled

The company Albpetrol announced that it has been forced to cancel the auction for the sale of 31,000 tons of oil due to lack of competition. In a brief announcement…

Investment Corporation/ S&P announces that it will cause a downgrade of its debt rating

The Standard & Poor's Rating Agency (S&P) has announced that it will lower Albania's public debt rankings from the stable level currently estimated, due to the materialization of the risks…

The effects of immigration/ Albanians leave, people from Asia and Africa come to Albania

Chandra Selli has been leaving her hometown for a few weeks to work as a waitress in Tirana. Her husband has moved to Italy while the rest of the family…

Fiscalization/ Current fiscal equipment will continue to be used

As the fiscalization process is being implemented, the tax authorities have provided information regarding the documentation of the transactions carried out. The Tax Administration notifies all taxpayers of the obligation…

Corrective fiscal spaces have narrowed significantly

New York University lecturer, Mr. Azmi Stringa New York University lecturer Mr. Azmi Stringa, in an interview with Monitor, says that the funding provided at the Donors' Conference in Brussels…

Debt pressure will decrease if economic growth continues

Former Finance Minister Arben Malaj Economic expert Arben Malaj, in an interview with Monitor Economics, says that if donor conference funds are used efficiently, the impact on the economy will…

Beware of reconstruction projects, they affect growth and debt

The World Bank Permanent Representative in Albania, Ms. Maryam Salim   "If projects are carefully selected, they will contribute to economic growth and improve debt service capacity". World Bank Permanent…

Today we have an outstanding debt of 880 million euros

At a special conference, the government of Albania has received donor pledges on financing the November 26 earthquake consequences through soft loans which total up to 880 million euros, but…

Debt Reconstruction

The donor conference exceeded expectations on the total amount secured to finance the reconstruction process from the November 26 earthquake. But 74% of this amount is owed as a soft…

Charter tourism/ Interest in Antalya falls, Egypt back on stage

Antalya has been a very popular destination among Albanians for spending summer holidays. Especially in 2017, charter trips to Antalya increased by 53%, while the number of passengers traveling by…

The air battle

The race for the air was the strongest in 2019. After the addition of destinations, Italy has left ground, but continues to dominate half the market. London, followed by Milan,…

“If the fourth Eurobond is issued the total amount will be 1.15 billion euros”

Blodin Çuçi Administrator, Caesar Investment Advisory Services   If the government successfully issues the fourth Eurobond in the stated amount of EUR 600 million the total amount of foreign debt…

Eurobond, for the fourth time

In December 2019 and January 2020, the government opened a tender seeking to find the consultants who would lead it, on the way to the capital markets for the fourth…

“Business interest in 2019 declining, but sectors still attractive”

Bledar Mankollari, Executive Director of DIHA   German business interest for Albania was declining in 2019 compared to the previous year, but the fact remains that today there are at…

“Attracting investment more important than ever, special reform is needed”

President of the American Chamber of Commerce, Enio Jaço   Bells about what will remain in the Albanian economy with the termination of the TAP pipeline and the Moglica hydroelectric…