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Pollo: 3G significant step toward “Digital Albania”

In the statement for "Monitor" magazine, the Minister of Innovations and Information Technology Mr. Genc Pollo, who last week approved the opening of the race for 3G authorization, avoided to…

3G: Issuance of one Authorization does not mean end of the process

Interview with Mr.Pirro Xhixho, Chairman of the Authority for Electronic and Postal Communications (more…)

Plus: How will we compete in the marketr

Interview with Mr. Moni Buchnik, CEO of Plus Communication Sha (more…)

Higher taxes for smokers

Ministry of Finances, together with the Ministry of Health, proposes to increase the excise tax on tobacco by 20 ALL/cigarettes packet. Goal aims at reining the smoking and increase of…

3G tender postponed

AKEP has not published the tender documents on 3G authorization on 10 September, as it was foreseen, while the four mobile operators publicly complained that the issuance of only one…

New regional road

Written by Lorenc Rabeta (more…)

How the Albanian business will be restructuredr

Interview in Monitor Magazine with Dimitris Santixis, Managing Director of Tirana Bank (more…)

Optimism returns

Optimism returns for the local businesses and many of them confirm a growth in sales and new investments. Exporters, constructors and retail told for an increase in revenues since August,…